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Panstar Cruise Ferries

Panstar Cruise Ferries Car and Passenger Ferry Tickets

Panstar Cruise Ferries offer regular scheduled passenger cruise ferries between the Korean mainland port of Busan and Osaka with multiple weekly departures of ferries from Panstar Cruise to Busan and Osaka to Chuja

Booking Panstar Cruise Ferries tickets has never been easier, we compare all Panstar Cruise Ferries prices in real time providing fast quotes so you can buy the cheapest available Panstar Cruise Ferries tickets to and from Book Panstar Cruise Ferries tickets between Osaka in Japan and Busan in Korea.

So whether you are looking for a day's shopping ferry trip abroad or a holiday break traveling by Panstar Cruise Ferries is a quick, easy and stress free way to get there and back again. Book you Panstar Cruise Ferries car or passenger ferries tickets with us and enjoy more choice and flexibility.

With the latest Panstar Cruise Ferries crossing information and timetables for all ferries sailing from Book Panstar Cruise Ferries tickets between Osaka in Japan and Busan in Korea including information on the ferry ports and useful tourist information about the destinations our detailed route and city maps will help you plot your Panstar Cruise Ferries ferry journey.

If are traveling by car, with your family or as a solo foot passenger book a ferry crossing with Panstar Cruise Ferries and arrive at your destination refreshed, relaxed and happy.

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Panstar Cruise FerriesPanstar Cruise Ferry

Panstar Cruise Ferries
Ferry Ticket Prices & Reservations

Book Panstar Cruise Ferries tickets
between Osaka in Japan and Busan in Korea.

Panstar Cruise Ferries offer three regular scheduled passenger cruise ferries between the Korean mainland port of Busan and Osaka in Japan each week. By booking your Panstar Cruise ferry ticket online in advance at you will always enjoy our cheapest available ferry ticket price.

The price you see is the price you pay. At there are no hidden extras or surprises such as added booking fees and we do not charge you anything extra for paying with a Visa Electron card. The price we quote you for your selected Panstar Cruise Ferries route, onboard accommodation and vehicle type is all you will pay, and that's a promise.

About Panstar Cruise Ferries

Panstar Cruise Ferries provide a passenger cruise ferry service from Osaka, Japan to the Korean mainland port of Busan.

Since the start of service in 2002 (when the Japan-Korea World Cup was held), the PanStar Line has been widely used, contributing greatly to cultural exchange and physical distribution between the two countries.

No other ferry service provides such a wide range of services as PanStar Dream. A variety of information is displayed at the front desk as needed, including sunrise and sunset times, the business hours of on-board facilities and travel speeds.

Brand-name products are also available through duty-free shopping, and a variety of events are offered. Passengers can enjoy a luxurious time in the café while savoring the views.

Ferries on the PanStar Line have a variety of features, including fine, hotel-like facilities, helpful service and evening entertainment performances. If you take a 12 story hotel and turn it on its side and sail it between Japan and Korea, you’d have the Panstar Ferry!

Attractive services on the PanStar Cruise Ferry Line

In addition to sightseeing in Osaka, the commercial and cultural center of Japan, and Korea’s largest port and tourist city Busan passengers enjoy views of the Setonaikai National Park (famous for Itsukushima Shrine - a beautiful World Heritage site), on-board evening entertainment performances and delicious buffets provide passengers with unforgettable memories of their trip.

Helpful information to make cruising even more enjoyable A wealth of scenic spots and on-board entertainment Passengers are sure to enjoy the 18-hour cruise to the fullest.

A variety of must-see views punctuate the 18-hour cruise from Busan to Osaka.

Panstar Cruise Ferry Passengers have the chance to see the following;

  • Akashi Kaikyo Bridge - the world's longest suspension bridge, connecting Kobe City with Awaji City in Hyogo Prefecture.
  • The Great Seto Bridge - a series of world-class structures connecting Kurashiki City in Okayama Prefecture with Sakaide City in Kagawa Prefecture.
  • The Kanmon Strait - a stretch of water separating Shimonoseki City in Yamaguchi Prefecture and Moji Ward in Kitakyushu City.
  • Tsushima Island - a landmass located between Kyushu and Korea.

Stepping up to the deck while the ferry is passing under a bridge and seeing the overwhelming size and impact of the structure at close quarters is a truly impressive experience unique to this means of transport.


Panstar Ferry Route Map

Panstar Ferry

Panstar VIP Cabin     Panstar Cabin

Panstar Korea to Japan Ferry

Panstar Ferry to Korea

Panstar Ferries Departure Procedure

Checking in
Departure processing starts no earlier than 2.5 hours before departure and ends 1 hour before departure. Therefore, travelers must be at the ferry check-in counter no later than two hours before departure to fill out a boarding pass form and a departure card for departure procedures.

Completing the Arrival/Departure Cards
While arrival cards required to enter Japan are available on the ferry, it is more convenient to fill it out at the same time as the Korean departure card before boarding. The departure card (from Korea) must be filled out in Korean, while the arrival card for entry into Japan must be written either in Chinese characters or English. For contact information on the arrival card, you can enter the name and telephone number of the place you will stay at on your first night.

Customs Declaration
Customs declaration areas are located on either side of the departure inspection counter. All travelers carrying expensive merchandise or valuables (cameras, watches, jewelry, fur products) are required to make a declaration. When declaring, enter the name of the item, quantity, and price on the customs form and present both the item and customs form together. After the declaration is approved, hold on to the document for your return trip. If you depart without a customs declaration, your valuables may be subject to taxation on return, as they will be considered as overseas purchases. Travelers with nothing to declare can go straight to the inspection counter.

Panstar Ferries Timetable

Osaka to Busan Cruise Ferry
dep. arr.
closing time
Osaka 15:10
Mon. Wed. Fri.
Busan 10:00
the next day

Busan to Osaka Cruise Ferry
dep. arr.
closing time
Busan 15:10
Tue. Thu. Sun.
Osaka 10:00
the next day

Immigration Departure
Wait in line behind the yellow line of the departure inspection counter. When it is your turn, present your passport, boarding pass, and departure card.

As long as your visa is valid, the inspector will not ask questions and simply stamp your passport. The departure card will be stamped and retained by the inspector, and the arrival card will be stapled onto your passport. Keep the arrival card for when you return and go through the immigration arrival process.

Ferry Departure
Once you pass inspections, you can enter the duty free area to purchase alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, and camera film.

Food purchased on the ferry is priced in Japanese yen, so stock up on snacks before boarding unless you want to buy snacks that are over priced.The public phone on the ferry connects to the Japanese phone system, but not to Korea’s.


Best available Korea ticket price gurantee

Best Panstar Cruise Ferries Ticket Price Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee - We always offer you our lowest available Panstar Cruise Ferries ticket price and there are no hidden extras or surprises such as added fuel surcharges or booking fees and we also we do not charge you anything extra for paying for your ferry ticket with a Visa Electron card. The price we quote for your selected Panstar Cruise Ferries car or passenger ferry ticket, onboard accommodation and vehicle type is all you will pay for your ferry ticket, and that's a promise!

In the unlikely event you find the same all inclusive Panstar Cruise Ferries ticket cheaper in the brochure of any other tour operator we promise that we will do our best to beat that price or offer you the choice of requesting a refund. To book Panstar Cruise Ferries tickets please click here.


Discount group ferry travel on Korea .

Group, School & Social Club Panstar Cruise Ferries Ticket Reservations

Discounted Group Travel with Panstar Cruise Ferries - offer a dedicated personal and affordable Panstar Cruise Ferries group and coach party ferry passenger reservation service offering you the lowest available ferry rates.

Our specialist Panstar Cruise Ferries group travel team will secure the best deal for you and your passengers. The only requirement to qualify for discounted group travel ferry rates is that your party should be at least ten people and travel at the same time. For more information about group travel on Panstar Cruise Ferries please click here.


Korea Commercial Vehicle, Freight and Cargo Ferries

Panstar Cruise Ferries Commercial Vehicles & Freight

Ferry Logistics offer a personal and affordable Panstar Cruise Ferries freight and cargo ferries reservation service between Osaka in Japan and Busan in Korea.

In addition to offering preferential rates to commercial operators and haulers Ferry Logistics is now also able to offer discounted ferry freight rates to private customers such as those wanting to take transit vans on any of the Panstar Cruise Ferries routes serviced. For more information and an instant online quote for your commercial vehicle ferry crossing please click here.


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